Welcome to our Disability Rights law firm.

For the last 40 years, the Rein Law Offices have specialized in representing physically disabled persons, including wheelchair users, who have suffered discrimination on the basis of physical disability.

Most of our cases involve architectural barrier discrimination at major public accomodations, under the ADA and California laws, including hotels, sports arenas, major live theatres, movie theatres and restaurants. We have also handled intentional discrimination cases where individuals were prohibited from using public facilities, for example, because they were assisted by service animals, had disfiguring facial scarring, or used wheelchairs in businesses concerned about the wheelchair “scratching furniture.” (See “About Us” for more details.)

We have also obtained major access improvements at multiple California courthouses, colleges and universities.

We represent disabled persons as individuals solely on a contingency fee basis, and take no portion of our clients’ damages as fees. Our attorneys fees and costs are obtained on a statutory basis from the defendants only, by judgment, or by settlement, and only if we win the case.

We have assisted persons with mobility and visual disabilities.

We do not handle cases involving airline services.

We only handle cases in California – and preferably in Northern California.

When we accept cases in Central or Southern California, we handle them in association with experienced Disability Access Rights attorneys, whose offices are located in Los Angeles.